AX-DT200 the software manual

In order to open the software click
On the screen, you will see the logger software window. The logger is not connected .
Insert AX-DT200 logger into an USB port of your computer. Your PC detects the Logger automatically. Then, you will see symbol on the screen.
Logger programing
Choose Set up USB Data Logger in the main software window.
You will see the following settings window. In the software, you can choose temperature units (ᵒC or ᵒF), change sampling rate (10s, 1min, 5min, 30min, 1h, 6h, 12h), and set temperature and humidity alarms.
Click Setup button.
You will see the following dialog box. Click OK in order to confirm your settings.
Now, you can disconnect the logger from your computer. In order to start logging data, push and hold yellow LOG button on the logger until you see LOG symbol on the LOGGER screen. The device will then start the process of data logging. If you want to stop the process of data logging, push and hold yellow button on the logger until you see three lines on the logger’s screen.
When data logging is done, turn on the software, connect the logger to your PC, and choose
You will see a prompt where to save the data, and then you will see the following window with the data that has been registered:
Displaying archived data
In the following window:
Choose the folder in which the data is archived.