Product Info

  • AX-503 and AX-507B SMD testers

    Ergonomic AX-503 and AX-507B testers are a perfect combination of a digital multimeter and a tweezer probe. These devices are designed for measuring resistance and capacitance as well as performing SMD diode tests .

  • AX-12001DBL — safe 120W laboratory PSU

    The single-channel AX-12001DBL power supply, ensuring low ripple and noise in regulated voltage, offers fluent, stepless voltage adjustment up to 120VDC and current of up to 1A. It is equipped with a clear display and a comfortable housing for easy transport.

  • Test leads

    Test leads are used together with multimeters and laboratory equipment, and provide flexible connection, operational safety and comfort in connecting and handling the probes.

  • Calibrators for operators of industrial processes

    All electronic devices, including sensors, converters and meters, get old, which impacts their parameters. With time, they become less accurate, and it is necessary to calibrate them. If calibrated regularly, such equipment will work for many years after purchase.

  • Measurements with the use of advanced oscilloscope features

    Electronic engineer’s work can be facilitated thanks to an appropriate oscilloscope. Here, we are presenting different types of measurements that become very easy thanks to advanced apparatus.

  • Extension cables for borescopes

    The length of a standard flexible optical cable of an inspection camera is only 1m. It enables comfortable inspection of the major part of a car installation or hard-to-reach areas in buildings. However, to be able to inspect details of large installations, you will have to extend the range of your borescope. You can do that by using 2- and 3m extension cables from AXIOMET.