AX-PH02 - easy planning and monitoring of environmental conditions for gardeners

pH metr AX-PH02 is an easy-to-use device designed to test environmental conditions for your plants.
The measurement consists of four measured conditions:

  1. Ground moisture measurement
  2. Ground PH measurement
  3. Ground temperature measurement
  4. Sunlight intensity measurement

Ground testing is conducted via a 20 cm probe, which allows conducting the test on an appropriate depth. PH test scale is from 3.5 to 9, whereas temperature can be tested within the range of -9°C to 50°C (16°F to 122°F).

The sunlight intensity testing is conducted by a sensor located in the top part of the enclosure. Sunlight intensity and moisture are displayed in a descriptive way.

All results are easy to read, both in daylight and at night, on a clear LCD display. They are also visualised as numbers in appropriate units, as well as in a form of descriptive information and pictograms.

The device will turn itself off automatically if you forget about it.

This is a crucial tool for people cultivating plants, both professionally and as a hobby.