Non-contact metal and voltage detector AX-904

AX-904 The AX-904 device from AXIOMET has been designed for the purpose of accurate measurements of distance, area, and volume. In addition, it detects wood, AC voltage cables, and metal objects inside the walls of a room.

Measurements are performed through a built-in ultrasonic sensor and a laser pointer. AX-904 is a must-have for any professional electrician or fitter.

Device main functionality

Whenever multiple measurements of different types are necessary, the AX-904 meter from AXIOMET provides a comprehensive solution. It has a very useful feature - in the case of measuring complex-shaped rooms, the device adds subsequent measured values. This is possible as the device stores previous measured values. This feature applies to distance, area, and volume.

To use the detection mode, calibrating the device is necessary first. The procedure is as follows:

  • for detecting cables and metal objects: the device will automatically select the induction level for the object to be detected

  • in the case of wood: adjusting the ultrasonic sensor to the thickness of the wall to be examined

Thanks to this, the resulting measurements are more accurate.

In addition, the device has a laser pointer, and can be fixed to a plaster-cardboard or a wooden wall with mounting pins. A temperature sensor is also worth mentioning - it provides quick info on ambient temperature.

Aside from all these, AX-904 is also ergonomic. The device is very handy — it is 170 mm long, 85 mm wide, and 45 mm high. It’s also very light — only 230g without batteries.