Clip-on probe; with puncturing point; 10A; red; 4mm


LCR meter; double LCD (19,999/1999), bargraph, with a backlit


Pwr sup.unit: programmable laboratory; Channels: 1; 0÷30VDC; 1mV


Temperature meter; LCD 4 digits, with a backlit; Resol: 0.1°C


Digital multimeter; LCD (6600), with a backlit; 3x/s; True RMS


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 2,4" (320x240); Cam.res: 640x480


Clip-on probe; pincers type; 10A; red; Grip capac: max.4mm; 4mm


Analogue multimeter; Features: universal; V AC: 10/50/250/500V


Non-contact voltage and cable detector; LCD, bargraph


AC digital clamp meter; LCD (4000), with a backlit; V DC: 4÷400V

AXIOMET Catalogue

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AX-L230 Light Meter – fast and precise lighting measurement

AX-L230 light meter

AX-L230 light meter from AXIOMET is a precise digital meter for measuring illuminance in spaces around you.

You can choose from two measuring scales: Lux or fc, which allows you to quickly choose preferred measurement unit. Additionally, in order to improve user’s comfort, the device offers full cosine correction of light incident angle.

Key components of the AX-L230 light meter are high-sensitivity photodiode and extremely durable spectral response filter.

As far as usability goes, it offers numerous handy features:

  • data hold, which allows the operator to enter the freeze mode and check the data on the display;
  • peak hold, which allows capturing peak value for measured results (particular mode enables capturing maximum or minimum value for a registered measurement);
  • max/min, which allows you to store maximum or minimum results, switch between them, and compare them with a result being received during measurement;
  • relative mode, which enables the light meter to run relative measurements against a stored value;
  • auto-off after 30 minutes in idle state, the device automatically turns off, which prevents battery consumption.

The usefulness of the AX-L230 light meter is also proven by its ergonomic features:

  • small weight of only 280g,
  • illuminated, 4-digit LCD display with a bargraph,
  • convenient dimensions : 203 mm long, 75 mm wide, and 50 mm high,
  • measurement range: 40 - 400klx; 40 – 40kFc.