Safe measurement with AX-TLS testing leads

Testing leads Usually, measurements of electric parameters in devices are conducted for safe voltages. Assuming that a human body resistance in particular environmental conditions is at least 1000 Ohm, safe voltage for alternating current equals 50 V, whereas for direct current it is 100 V. However, when conducting measurements of electrical installations, these values are noticeably exceeded, which necessitates the use of meters and accessories of appropriate quality.

In order to verify if a particular device complies with appropriate standards, tests and measurements described in domestic and international norms are conducted. The norm that defines safety criteria for electrical measurement instruments, automation, and laboratory equipment is EN 61010. Part 031 of the standard precisely defines safety requirements for hand-held probes, used for tests and measurements in electrical circuits. It also creates four categories of measurement accessories and describes in what applications they can be used.

Electrical safety measurements shall be conducted with the use of meters and testing equipment with appropriate range for rated operating conditions of a particular circuit. Testing probes and leads are also very important;

regardless of the probability of getting into contact, they should feature double or reinforced insulation.

AX-TLS series testing leads from Axiomet are a perfect solution. Depending on the model, these products feature angular or straight plugs, which extends the scope of possible applications. The latest update of the standard specifies requirements regarding length of naked conductive elements in measurement probes. Once again, the AX-TLS series testing leads meet these requirements as well.

  • The AX-TLS-001B and AX-TLS-002B leads conform to CAT III requirements, and feature 4 mm uncovered measurement probes; they can be used with maximum voltage of 1000 V.
  • The AX-TLS-003A, AX-TLS-004A, and AX-TLS-007S leads, due to special heads, additionally conform both to CAT II and CAT IV standards. The additional head allows the lead to be used with 4 or 10 mm uncovered probe, which makes it a particularly universal measurement accessory.

AX-TLS series testing leads:

Parameters AX-TLS-001B AX-TLS-002B AX-TLS-004A AX-TLS-003A
Net price from 11.46 USD
Net price from 10.77 USD
Net price from 8.86 USD
Net price from 8.31 USD
Type of test accessories test lead test lead test lead test lead
Wire insulation material silicone silicone silicone silicone
Cable length 1 m 1 m 1 m 1 m
Current rating 10 A 10 A 10 A 10 A
Colour red and black red and black red and black red and black
Kit contents 2x test lead 2x test lead 2x 1m lead with 4mm banana plug - test probe 2x 1m lead with 4mm banana plug - test probe
Test lead configuration 4mm angled banana plug - test probe 4mm straight banana plug - test probe angular banana plug 4mm - test probe tip 2mm angular banana plug 4mm - test probe tip 4mm
Conform to the norm EN61010 1000V CAT III EN61010 1000V CAT III EN61010 1000V CAT II, EN61010 1000V CAT III, EN61010 600V CAT IV EN61010 1000V CAT II, EN61010 1000V CAT III, EN61010 600V CAT IV