Easy to use AXIOMET AX-T2200 insulation resistance meter

In order to check equipment technical condition, we can perform insulation resistance test.

For this purpose, we have to use a special meter, such as AXIOMET AX-T2200.

Insulation resistance meterAbove-mentioned insulation resistance meter is easy to use and is equipped with the most important functions that every device of this type should have.

AXIOMET AX-T2200 insulation resistance meter parameters:

The main problem connected with insulation resistance tests is the necessity to generate high voltage because permissible measurement range depends on it.

The most important features of AX-T2200:

  • it is capable of generating DC voltages of 250V, 500V and 1000V,
  • it can take resistance measurements within the range of 0.1MΩ to 2000MΩ,
  • measurement range is divided into six subranges which allows to get more precise results,
  • it has got a 3 digit display,
  • a measurement error is ±4% and ±2 digits, what makes this meter sufficient to be used in majority of applications.

Additional functions of AX-T2200

This meter is equipped with four terminals. It allows eliminating leakage effect by performing 3-wire measurements, necessary in case of large appliances. The fourth terminal is intended for measuring alternating voltage within a range of up to 750VAC.

Meter to be hung around neck

Convenient and easy to use

An important feature of AX-T2200 is easiness of use.

The meter is equipped with:

  • separate mechanical buttons, thanks to which it is possible to select measuring voltage, a power button, a range selection button, a large button for starting a measurement, and a switch for voltmeter mode.
  • large, clear LCD display;
  • LED indicator that informs about high voltage.

Contrary to other meters of this type, AX-T2200 can be hung around neck (with the use of a strap included in the set). Owing to this fact, operator’s hands are free, what makes the process of connecting cables easier.

AXIOMET AX-T2200, despite having less functions and narrower measuring range, is a very valuable device. Apart from the fact that its price is attractive, it is easier to use and more convenient than many other insulation resistance meters.


AXIOMET AX-T2200 insulation resistance meter ensures electrical equipment users are working in safe conditions. It is perfect for performing insulation resistance tests of devices that have never been tested so far, and is complimentary equipment necessary for performing periodic equipment, cables, and electrical components tests.