Clip-on probe; with puncturing point; 10A; red; 4mm


Analogue multimeter; Features: universal; V AC: 10/50/250/500V


Non-contact voltage and cable detector; LCD, bargraph


Clip-on probe; pincers type; 10A; red; Grip capac: max.4mm; 4mm


Temperature meter; LCD 4 digits, with a backlit; Resol: 0.1°C


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 2,4" (320x240); Cam.res: 640x480


Pwr sup.unit: programmable laboratory; Channels: 1; 0÷30VDC; 1mV


AC digital clamp meter; LCD (4000), with a backlit; V DC: 4÷400V


Digital multimeter; LCD (6600), with a backlit; 3x/s; True RMS


LCR meter; double LCD (19,999/1999), bargraph, with a backlit

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AX-3020L high power laboratory power supply unit from AXIOMET

Net price from 199.3 USD
High power linear power supply with output voltage adjustment and regulated output current limit

The AX-3020L laboratory power supply is a high power linear power supply with output voltage adjustment and regulated output current limitat. By default, current limit is reduced to minimum and ensures full load-carrying capacity of the output.

The design of AX-3020L

The PSU has a classic design: transformer-rectifier-filter-regulator. Stepless current limitation adjustment is realized through setting of the mounting potentiometer, available from the control panel of the PSU.


AX-3020L offers low ripple and ensures full galvanic separation of the load connected from the mains to AX-3020L. It gives you the option of configuring virtually any kind of connections: serial, parallel, or mixed, in order to increase output parameters and available output power.

Serial connection of PSUs
Fig. a) Serial connection of PSUs that increases maximum output voltage.

Configuration options

The AXIOMET power supply distinguishes itself by very good output power to price ratio. Thanks to that, you can build a unipolar or bipolar power supply system with very high load-carrying capacity at little cost.

Figures a) and b) present configuration options for numerous PSUs in order to build more complex power supply systems.


The aforementioned configurations can be applied:

  • as chargers for prototype battery sets,
  • in bipolar configurations - for supplying power to hybrid high power operational amplifiers.

Note that the AX-3020L power supply unit allows you to connect load in a four-terminal network, which means that you can reduce power losses on connection resistance and extend the distance between the load and the PSU.

Parallel connection of PSUs
Fig. b) Parallel connection of PSUs increases the maximum output current.

Prototype works

The ever-growing market of electric vehicles and mobile devices powered from batteries means that any prototype works require DC power supplies with charging current adjustment. In such cases, a single power supply will cover the needs of Pb, Li-Ion, and Li-Po batteries.

By connecting two PSUs in series, you can easily increase the output voltage range and build a Li-Ion battery charging system with a serial-parallel connection and with voltage of 48V.

Such systems are frequently used in simple electric vehicles.

Bipolar configuration

In this case, series or series-parallel configuration ensures appropriate load-carrying capacity of the power supply with very low fluctuation of 1mV. It also enables precise adjustment of output voltage to the needs of the amplifier system. This solution costs much less than buying a single power supply of equivalent output power.

Furthermore, building multi-PSU configurations noticeably decreases the cross-sections of power supply cables on the DC side, and reduces the problem of heating up the electric connections in the output circuit.


Uncomplicated construction and high output power of the AX-3020L power supply from AXIOMET means that you can easily and at little cost multiply the output power and build a reconfigurable DC power source with very high output power.