Inspection camera; Display: LCD 2,4" (320x240); Cam.res: 640x480


AC digital clamp meter; LCD (4000), with a backlit; V DC: 4÷400V


Clip-on probe; pincers type; 10A; red; Grip capac: max.4mm; 4mm


Pwr sup.unit: programmable laboratory; Channels: 1; 0÷30VDC; 1mV


Digital multimeter; LCD (6600), with a backlit; 3x/s; True RMS


Temperature meter; LCD 4 digits, with a backlit; Resol: 0.1°C


LCR meter; double LCD (19,999/1999), bargraph, with a backlit


Analogue multimeter; Features: universal; V AC: 10/50/250/500V


Non-contact voltage and cable detector; LCD, bargraph


Clip-on probe; with puncturing point; 10A; red; 4mm

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AX-12001DBL high voltage lab power supply from AXIOMET

Net price from 115.17 USD
High voltage lab power supply

AXIOMET AX-12001DBL is a high/medium power laboratory power supply with stepless adjustment of output parameters up to 120W. It has a classic construction with a transformer, and a single output with voltage adjustment within the range of up to 120V.

Advantages of higher output voltage

The value of output voltage in AX-12001DBL is therefore a lot higher compared to other typical constructions of laboratory power supplies.

Thanks to that, the power supply can be used in supply systems of up to 100W with small loads, which require higher supplied voltages.

Perfect solution for LED lighting installations

The output parameters of the AX-12001DBL unit allow for building and supplying LED lighting installations. As in case of sources of light using ultra bright LEDs, it is necessary to precisely control the current and keep it below 1A in a LED circuit with supplied voltage from 12 to 120V.

Due to stepless and precise voltage and current adjustment, the AX-12001DBL power supply from AXIOMET can be used for testing LED lighting, both as a current source, and a voltage source. You can compare different power supply variants and select the optimum parameters for particular LED applications.

Other applications of AX-12001DBL

High output voltage of the AX-12001DBL power supply is also useful in laboratory works with:

  • servo motors and DC or BLDC motor drivers;
  • piezoelectric actuators and micromanipulators;
  • systems using high voltage operational and hybrid amplifiers;
  • powering electro-mechanical relays, timers, and control units, where the drive component is a coil with high winding resistance;
  • systems with inductive components with winding resistance over 10kΩ;
  • power supply systems with DC/DC converters, where input voltage of over 48VDC is required;
  • car chargers, where cells work in a serial configuration;
  • power supply systems using solar technologies as a secondary source of power;
  • high voltage DC voltage regulators;
  • ATX switched-mode power supplies for PCs with power input of DC=120VDC.

Less power supplying apparatus and lower costs

In any application requiring supply voltage above the typical 30V, 48V, or 60VDC, it’s a good idea to use the AXIOMET power supply, as it does not require you to build serial connections typical for lab power supplies with output voltage of 30V. AX-12001DBL allows you to noticeably reduce the number of power supplying devices, and the costs of obtaining appropriate power supply conditions.

Smart control in a cooling system

The power supply features an active fan cooling system, which enabled a more compact heat sink size. Smart control in a cooling system allows you to control the rotational speed of the fan in relation with the temperature of the heat sink. This solution increases the comfort of use by reducing fan noise, and it enables long and continuous use of the maximum current allowed.

Power supply with stepless output voltage adjustment

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The AX-12001DBL power supply allows you to reduce the power supply apparatus and cut costs. It is a linear high/medium power laboratory power supply with stepless adjustment of output parameters up to 120W.