LCR meter; double LCD (19,999/1999), bargraph, with a backlit


Clip-on probe; pincers type; 10A; red; Grip capac: max.4mm; 4mm


Temperature meter; LCD 4 digits, with a backlit; Resol: 0.1°C


Non-contact voltage and cable detector; LCD, bargraph


AC digital clamp meter; LCD (4000), with a backlit; V DC: 4÷400V


Pwr sup.unit: programmable laboratory; Channels: 1; 0÷30VDC; 1mV


Analogue multimeter; Features: universal; V AC: 10/50/250/500V


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 2,4" (320x240); Cam.res: 640x480


Clip-on probe; with puncturing point; 10A; red; 4mm


Digital multimeter; LCD (6600), with a backlit; 3x/s; True RMS

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AXIOMET AX-3010H portable power supply with charger feature

Net price from 114.17 USD
Portable switch-mode PSU.

AXIOMET AX-3010H portable power supply is a mid-power PSU with digital regulation of output parameters up to 300W.

The power supply has a switch-mode design and it has a single output with full digital adjustment for its full load range, and also an additional USB A 5VDC power output.

Despite optimisation towards portability, the PSU has been equipped with additional feature of a programmable battery charger, and also with a USB-A power port.

The PSU offers adjustment resolution of 10mV/10mA and voltage/current measurement accuracy is approx. 0,5%. All adjustments and measurements are conducted digitally and visible on a large LCD display. The user can control the outputs using the additional OUTPUT and USB buttons.

In addition to that, the AXIOMET AX-3010H has a pre-defined „CHARGE” feature that allows to automatically configure the PSU to work as a battery charger with charge current limiting.

In order to allow for easy charger configuration, battery capacity and voltage (12V or 24V) can be set. Based on this information the PSU automatically adjusts and controls the charge current. Therefore, it's particularly useful as a universal battery charger working in CC/CV (Constant Current, Constant Voltage) mode, meant for cell packs and batteries that call for charge voltage not exceeding 30VDC.

This is very useful for charging non-standard cell packs of Li-ION, LI-POLY, NICD, NIMH chemistries, and also gel and lead-acid batteries.

Thanks to full control over parameters, the PSU can not only charge the batteries, but also:

  • form them,
  • regenerate them,
  • revive them after deep discharge.

With its maximum current of 10A it can be used as a mobile charger for lead-acid batteries with capacities of up to 120Ah.

In summary, AXIOMET AX-3010H is a power supply with a very modern design, equipped with additional features that differentiate this PSU from other solutions on the market.