Inspection camera; Display: LCD 7"; Cam.res: 720x480; IP68


Digital multimeter; LCD 3,5 digit (1999) 15mm; 2,5x/s


Tachometer; LCD 5 digits; Meas.accur: ±(0,05% + 1 digit); 156g


Digital multimeter; LCD (6000), double, with a backlit; 3x/s


Laser rangefinder; LCD; 40m; Meas.accur: ±2mm; 120x50x29mm; 126g


Digital multimeter; LCD (2000), with a backlit; -20÷750°C


Electronic load; LCD 4,3", with a backlit; 0÷150V; 0.001÷60A


Tachometer; LCD 5 digits; 2,5÷99999 rpm (optical method); 156g


Tester: non-contact voltage detector; 5÷1000VAC


Temperature meter; LCD; Accur: ±1°C (in range-20÷150°C); IP67

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Non-invasive current measurement with AX-215TIC and AX-205T clamp meters

AXIOMET’s AX-215TIC and AX-205T clamp meters are digital handheld devices. They are equipped with a TrueRMS converter to conduct measurements of distorted current waveforms. Both models have similar functionalities, but the AX-215TIC model also enables measurements of direct current, frequency, and capacity. The remaining metrological and functional parameters are identical.

AX-215TIC AX-205T
Net price from 56.35 USD
Net price from 25.75 USD

Current measurement without the need of disconnecting an electric circuit

Clamps allow for non-invasive current measurement without the need of disconnecting an electric circuit you are measuring. It is of utmost importance when conducting measurements of:

  • direct and alternating currents of high values,
  • direct and alternating currents in systems with high supply voltage,
  • when galvanic separation of a measurement device is required.

Applications for clamp meters

Clamp meters are especially useful in the power industry for diagnosing and measuring electrical circuits, as the clamp allows for measuring inrush currents. They are also very helpful in measuring currents in power supply systems with battery backups or in industrial automation systems powered by 12V, 24V, or 48V DC. In such cases, it is not recommended to conduct current measurements by disconnecting an electrical circuit, as this may result is the loss of system settings.

In the place of an ammeter

Using a clamp meter instead of a traditional ammeter with a measurement resistor (shunt) is advantageous in measuring alternating current with:

  • pulsed waveform,
  • sinusoidal waveform of high frequency,
  • higher harmonics (sinusoidal distorted, non-sinusoidal).

In such cases, a clamp meter is far more precise than a traditional ammeter. Due to this fact, the AX-215TIC and AX-205T devices from AXIOMET are used in measurements and diagnostics of all converter systems, electrical drive systems, inverters, and high power AC/DC and DC/DC switch-mode converters.


Taking into consideration all the additional features, such as measuring inrush currents, as well as other measuring capabilities of electrical values, the AX-215TIC and AX-205T meters are very universal and attractive measurement devices.

AXIOMET AX-215TIC and AX-205T clamp meters

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The AX-215TIC and AX-205T clamp meters are useful in diagnosing electrical circuits, and in measuring power supply systems with battery backups or in industrial automation systems.