Temperature meter; LCD 4 digits, with a backlit; Resol: 0.1°C


Analogue multimeter; Features: universal; VAC: 10/50/250/500V


Clip-on probe; with puncturing point; 10A; red; 4mm


Digital multimeter; LCD (6600), with a backlit; 3x/s; True RMS


LCR meter; double LCD (19,999/1999), bargraph, with a backlit


Digital multimeter; LCD 3,5 digit (1999) 15mm; 2,5x/s; 2.8V


Clip-on probe; pincers type; 10A; red; Grip capac: max.4mm; 4mm


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 2,4" (320x240); Cam.res: 640x480


AC/DC digital clamp meter; Øcable: 55mm; LCD 3,5 digit (3999)


Non-contact voltage and cable detector; LCD, bargraph

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Best clamp meters for hard-to-reach areas

The design and manner of using clamp meters hugely influences the fact, that unlike classic digital multimeters, the dimensions of these devices are crucial. AXIOMET’s offer includes clamp meters unlike any other. They are only 24mm thick in their thickest point, which means they can easily be used even in hard-to-reach areas.

AXIOMET AX-353 and AX-354 meters with slim-type enclosure

When searching for a clamp meter, most users focus on the diameter of the clamps, and subsequently in the maximum diameter of a cable that can be measured. However, more and more people start to realize that the size of the meter itself is also important.

The AXIOMET AX-353 and AX-354 meters feature particularly narrow clamps and slim-type enclosure, which makes them extremely handy. This is crucial e.g. in automotive industry, where such meters are widely used.

Clamp meters for hard-to-reach locations

Meters especially useful in automotive applications and control cabinets

There is a trend of installing increasing numbers of electronic devices in cars, which automatically means additional wiring. Simultaneously, we can observe efforts aimed at maximizing the comfort of journeys by providing additional space for the driver and the passengers. Therefore, electric wires need to be maximally condensed. As a result of that, performing measurements in a vehicle with the use of a large clamp meter is a very difficult thing to do.

Similar problems occur in control cabinets. Currently, devices of this type feature modern drivers, power supply units, and other compact devices, but the number of their connections remains the same. Wires are extremely condensed, which makes using a large clamp meter very inconvenient. In such cases, meters in slim enclosures are a perfect solution.

Characteristics of AX-353 and AX-354

The AXIOMET AX-353 and AX-354 meters allow you to measure currents in wires with diameter of up to 38 mm. They can be held easily moved with one hand, especially that they’re really light (only 150g). Both models enable measurements of alternating current, direct and alternating voltage, as well as resistance and frequency. The results are presented on 3.75-inch LCD displays. The AX-353 model can be used for measurements of capacity, temperature, and duty cycle. The AX-354 model can additionally measure direct current of up to 1000A.

The meters are compliant with the requirements of the EN61010 600 V cat. II standard. They are delivered with test leads and a case. Compact dimensions of the enclosures were achieved thanks to powering them with the use of three 3V CR2032 batteries.

Parameters AX-353 AX-354
Net price from 25.55 USD
Net price from 58.92 USD
Type of meter AC digital clamp meter AC/DC digital clamp meter
Measuring instrument features
  • low battery indicator
  • auto and manual ranging
  • automatic power-off
  • overflow indicator
  • slim design
  • low battery indicator
  • auto-power-off function which can be turned off
Max. diameter of measured cable 38 mm 38 mm
Kind of display used LCD 3,5 digit (3999) LCD 3,75 digit (4000)
AC current measuring range 400/500A 400/1000A
AC current measuring accuracy ±(2,5% + 5 digits) ±(2,5% + 5 digits)
DC voltage measuring range 400m/4/40/400/600V 400m/4/40/400/600V
DC voltage measuring accuracy ±(0,5% + 2 digits) ±(0,5% + 3 digits)
AC voltage measuring range 400m/4/40/400/600V 400m/4/40/400/600V
AC voltage measuring accuracy ±(1% + 3 digits) ±(1% + 3 digits)
Resistance measuring range 400/4k/40k/400k/4M/40MΩ 400/4k/40k/400k/4M/40MΩ
Resistance measuring accuracy ±(0,8% + 2 digits) ±(0,5% + 3 digits)
Frequency measuring range 4/40/400/4k/40k/400k/4M/10M 10/100/1000/10k/100k/1MHz
Frequency measuring accuracy ±(0,5% + 4 digits) ±(0,1% + 3 digits)
Diode test 1mA, 1,5V 1,5V
Continuity test acoustic signal for R<50Ω acoustic indication
Dimensions 190x55x24 mm 190x64x24 mm
Weight 150 g 150 g
Power supply set without battery, 3 batteries 3V CR2032 set without battery, 3 batteries 3V CR2032
Standard equipment
  • case
  • test leads
  • case
  • test leads
Measurement frequency, AC voltage, DC voltage, AC current, capacitance, resistance, temperature frequency, AC voltage, DC voltage, AC current, DC current, resistance
Conform to the norm EN61010 600V CAT II EN61010 600V CAT II


Flat enclosures of the AXIOMET AX-353 and AX-354 meters ensure not only that the devices don’t use a lot of space in your toolbox, but they also make them very handy and useful in narrow spaces between wires. Obviously, there are also other important factors, e.g. the accuracy of measurements, available functionalities, or compliance with safety standards.